Why join Revelian?

Why join the Revelian team?


1. Values


Yeah, they look nice on the wall, but they really only matter if you live by them.  We do, every day - right down to formally recognising those who display our values via our peer-nominated Make a Difference awards.  Our values are:


Revelian values

2. Culture


Work hard, laugh a lot, try new things, celebrate every success, support each other through the challenges, know that nobody is more important than anyone else. That's our culture in a nutshell, and we're proud of it.  


3. Innovation


We were founded as what we would now call a "disrupter", and innovation has been part of our DNA ever since. Our plan is to continue bringing firsts to the market and shaking up our industry. 

4. People


Great people make great organisations, and we're committed to only hiring the best. That's why our own assessments are pivotal in our recruitment process, and we're uncompromising in ensuring the right fit - for both parties. 

Team photo montage


5. Flexibility


We get it. 9 to 5, office-based is great for some people, but for others, it's just not right. Revelian's work from home policy enables role-based flexibility, and we give every employee a rostered day off each quarter in addition to their annual leave, so they can pursue other interests, undertake volunteering, catch up on errands or just have a day's break.


6. Growth


We're on a growth trajectory. More and more of our assessments are being used by more and more companies in more and more geographies each year. And our innovation roadmap means there are even more opportunities for growth in the future.


7. Career


We may be small, but it is possible to build a wonderful career at Revelian. Just ask our CEO.

Cherie Curtis AIM Leader of the Year


8. Recognition


From a simple shout-out on our internal chatroom to our monthly, peer-nominated Make A Difference awards, we're all about recognising and celebrating everyone's contribution to Revelian's success.


9. And if that's not enough...

We even provide lunch.

Lunch at Revelian


Check out our current vacancies here. If there's nothing that catches your eye at the moment, you might like to register your interest for future opportunities.